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    Use EXIF data of image to prefill image description · cd316d72
    Ilja authored
    During attachment upload Pleroma returns a "description" field. Pleroma-fe has an MR to use that to pre-fill the image description field, <pleroma-fe!1399>
    * This MR allows Pleroma to read the EXIF data during upload and return the description to the FE
        * If a description is already present (e.g. because a previous module added it), it will use that
        * Otherwise it will read from the EXIF data. First it will check -ImageDescription, if that's empty, it will check -iptc:Caption-Abstract
        * If no description is found, it will simply return nil, just like before
    * When people set up a new instance, they will be asked if they want to read metadata and this module will be activated if so
    This was taken from an MR i did on Pleroma and isn't finished yet.