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AnonymizeFilename: allow for a pre-defined text instead of random string

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......@@ -19,6 +19,17 @@ Note: `strip_exif` has been replaced by `Pleroma.Upload.Filter.Mogrify`.
* `args`: List of actions for the `mogrify` command like `"strip"` or `["strip", {"impode", "1"}]`.
## Pleroma.Upload.Filter.Dedupe
No specific configuration.
## Pleroma.Upload.Filter.AnonymizeFilename
This filter replaces the filename (not the path) of an upload. For complete obfuscation, add
`Pleroma.Upload.Filter.Dedupe` before AnonymizeFilename.
* `text`: Text to replace filenames in links. If empty, `{random}.extension` will be used.
## :uri_schemes
* `valid_schemes`: List of the scheme part that is considered valid to be an URL
defmodule Pleroma.Upload.Filter.AnonymizeFilename do
@moduledoc "Replaces the original filename with a randomly generated string."
@moduledoc """
Replaces the original filename with a pre-defined text or randomly generated string.
Should be used after `Pleroma.Upload.Filter.Dedupe`.
@behaviour Pleroma.Upload.Filter
def filter(upload) do
extension = List.last(String.split(, "."))
string = Base.url_encode64(:crypto.strong_rand_bytes(10), padding: false)
{:ok, %Pleroma.Upload{upload | name: string <> "." <> extension}}
name = Pleroma.Config.get([__MODULE__, :text], random(extension))
{:ok, %Pleroma.Upload{upload | name: name}}
defp random(extension) do
string =
|> :crypto.strong_rand_bytes()
|> Base.url_encode64(padding: false)
string <> "." <> extension
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