Commit 097fdf6a authored by feld's avatar feld

Attempt to use <title> from HTML as a fallback

parent 822a9f28
defmodule Pleroma.Web.RichMedia.Parsers.MetaTagsParser do
def parse(html, data, prefix, error_message, key_name, value_name \\ "content") do
with elements = [_ | _] <- get_elements(html, key_name, prefix),
page_title = get_page_title(html),
meta_data =
Enum.reduce(elements, data, fn el, acc ->
attributes = normalize_attributes(el, prefix, key_name, value_name)
Map.merge(acc, attributes)
end) do
|> Map.put_new(:title, page_title) do
{:ok, meta_data}
_e -> {:error, error_message}
......@@ -27,4 +29,8 @@ defp normalize_attributes(html_node, prefix, key_name, value_name) do
%{String.to_atom(data[key_name]) => data[value_name]}
defp get_page_title(html) do
Floki.find(html, "title") |> Floki.text()
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