Commit 1452b282 authored by kaniini's avatar kaniini
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user: add a workaround for situations where Pleroma may believe a followee is followed

this was caused by lack of Undo follows in the early days, and can likely be eventually removed
parent 76f80ba8
......@@ -197,6 +197,14 @@ def maybe_direct_follow(%User{} = follower, %User{info: info} = followed) do
def maybe_follow(%User{} = follower, %User{info: info} = followed) do
if not following?(follower, followed) do
follow(follower, followed)
{:ok, follower}
def follow(%User{} = follower, %User{info: info} = followed) do
ap_followers = followed.follower_address
......@@ -499,7 +499,7 @@ def follow_requests(%{assigns: %{user: followed}} = conn, _params) do
def authorize_follow_request(%{assigns: %{user: followed}} = conn, %{"id" => id}) do
with %User{} = follower <- Repo.get(User, id),
{:ok, follower} <- User.follow(follower, followed),
{:ok, follower} <- User.maybe_follow(follower, followed),
%Activity{} = follow_activity <- Utils.fetch_latest_follow(follower, followed),
{:ok, follow_activity} <- Utils.update_follow_state(follow_activity, "accept"),
{:ok, _activity} <-
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