Verified Commit 23decaab authored by Alexander Strizhakov's avatar Alexander Strizhakov
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fix for updated hackney

warning: :hackney_connect.partial_chain/1 is undefined or private
parent 9a4fde97
......@@ -382,12 +382,6 @@ test "simple keyword" do
assert ConfigDB.to_elixir_types([%{"tuple" => [":key", "value"]}]) == [key: "value"]
test "keyword with partial_chain key" do
assert ConfigDB.to_elixir_types([
%{"tuple" => [":partial_chain", "&:hackney_connect.partial_chain/1"]}
]) == [partial_chain: &:hackney_connect.partial_chain/1]
test "keyword" do
assert ConfigDB.to_elixir_types([
%{"tuple" => [":types", "Pleroma.PostgresTypes"]},
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