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Merge branch 'new-fe-options' into 'develop'

Add new frontend options to server-side config.

See merge request pleroma/pleroma!535
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......@@ -126,7 +126,10 @@
formatting_options_enabled: false,
collapse_message_with_subject: false,
hide_post_stats: false,
hide_user_stats: false
hide_user_stats: false,
scope_copy: true,
subject_line_behavior: "email",
always_show_subject_input: true
config :pleroma, :activitypub,
accept_blocks: true,
......@@ -57,6 +57,12 @@ This filter replaces the filename (not the path) of an upload. For complete obfu
* `allowed_post_formats`: MIME-type list of formats allowed to be posted (transformed into HTML)
* `finmoji_enabled`: Whenether to enable the finmojis in the custom emojis.
* `mrf_transparency`: Make the content of your Message Rewrite Facility settings public (via nodeinfo).
* `scope_copy`: Copy the scope (private/unlisted/public) in replies to posts by default.
* `subject_line_behavior`: Allows changing the default behaviour of subject lines in replies. Valid values:
* "email": Copy and preprend re:, as in email.
* "masto": Copy verbatim, as in Mastodon.
* "noop": Don't copy the subject.
* `always_show_subject_input`: When set to false, auto-hide the subject field when it's empty.
## :fe
This section is used to configure Pleroma-FE, unless ``:managed_config`` in ``:instance`` is set to false.
......@@ -183,7 +183,10 @@ def config(conn, _params) do
formattingOptionsEnabled: Keyword.get(instance_fe, :formatting_options_enabled),
collapseMessageWithSubject: Keyword.get(instance_fe, :collapse_message_with_subject),
hidePostStats: Keyword.get(instance_fe, :hide_post_stats),
hideUserStats: Keyword.get(instance_fe, :hide_user_stats)
hideUserStats: Keyword.get(instance_fe, :hide_user_stats),
scopeCopy: Keyword.get(instance_fe, :scope_copy),
subjectLineBehavior: Keyword.get(instance_fe, :subject_line_behavior),
alwaysShowSubjectInput: Keyword.get(instance_fe, :always_show_subject_input)
managed_config = Keyword.get(instance, :managed_config)
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