Commit 2a54e8c1 authored by Francis Dinh's avatar Francis Dinh

Use "repeated" instead of "retweeted" for repeated statuses in Twitter API

This makes it consistent with the language used in Pleroma FE (at least
in English).

Resolves pleroma/pleroma-fe#533
parent e4bc4408
......@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ def render("activity.json", %{activity: %{data: %{"type" => "Announce"}} = activ
created_at =["published"] |> Utils.date_to_asctime()
announced_activity = Activity.get_create_by_object_ap_id(["object"])
text = "#{user.nickname} retweeted a status."
text = "#{user.nickname} repeated a status."
retweeted_status = render("activity.json", Map.merge(opts, %{activity: announced_activity}))
......@@ -295,8 +295,8 @@ test "an announce activity" do
"id" =>,
"is_local" => true,
"is_post_verb" => false,
"statusnet_html" => "shp retweeted a status.",
"text" => "shp retweeted a status.",
"statusnet_html" => "shp repeated a status.",
"text" => "shp repeated a status.",
"uri" => "tag:#{["id"]}:objectType=note",
"user" => UserView.render("show.json", user: other_user),
"retweeted_status" => ActivityView.render("activity.json", activity: activity),
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