Commit 339c26e1 authored by kaniini's avatar kaniini
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test: add status posting with OGP link preview test

parent ebeabdcc
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......@@ -136,6 +136,20 @@ test "posting a sensitive status", %{conn: conn} do
assert Repo.get(Activity, id)
test "posting a status with OGP link preview", %{conn: conn} do
user = insert(:user)
conn =
|> assign(:user, user)
|> post("/api/v1/statuses", %{
"status" => ""
assert %{"id" => id, "card" => %{"title" => "The Rock"}} = json_response(conn, 200)
assert Repo.get(Activity, id)
test "posting a direct status", %{conn: conn} do
user1 = insert(:user)
user2 = insert(:user)
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