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Merge branch 'erratic' into 'develop'

CI: Start testing erratic test again

See merge request !3575
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......@@ -93,6 +93,27 @@ unit-testing:
- mix ecto.migrate
- mix coveralls --preload-modules
stage: test
retry: 2
- "**/*.ex"
- "**/*.exs"
- "mix.lock"
cache: &testing_cache_policy
<<: *global_cache_policy
policy: pull
- name: postgres:13
alias: postgres
command: ["postgres", "-c", "fsync=off", "-c", "synchronous_commit=off", "-c", "full_page_writes=off"]
- mix ecto.create
- mix ecto.migrate
- mix test --only=erratic
# Removed to fix CI issue. In this early state it wasn't adding much value anyway.
# TODO Fix and reinstate federated testing
# federated-testing:
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