Commit 4633793b authored by Haelwenn's avatar Haelwenn

Merge branch 'relationship-remove-outdated-hack' into 'develop'

Mastodon API Account view: Remove an outdated hack

See merge request !2321
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......@@ -292,24 +292,6 @@ defmodule Pleroma.User do
def ap_following(%User{following_address: fa}) when is_binary(fa), do: fa
def ap_following(%User{} = user), do: "#{ap_id(user)}/following"
def follow_state(%User{} = user, %User{} = target) do
case Utils.fetch_latest_follow(user, target) do
%{data: %{"state" => state}} -> state
# Ideally this would be nil, but then Cachex does not commit the value
_ -> false
def get_cached_follow_state(user, target) do
key = "follow_state:#{user.ap_id}|#{target.ap_id}"
Cachex.fetch!(:user_cache, key, fn _ -> {:commit, follow_state(user, target)} end)
@spec set_follow_state_cache(String.t(), String.t(), String.t()) :: {:ok | :error, boolean()}
def set_follow_state_cache(user_ap_id, target_ap_id, state) do
Cachex.put(:user_cache, "follow_state:#{user_ap_id}|#{target_ap_id}", state)
@spec restrict_deactivated(Ecto.Query.t()) :: Ecto.Query.t()
def restrict_deactivated(query) do
from(u in query, where: u.deactivated != ^true)
......@@ -503,8 +503,7 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.ActivityPub do
defp do_follow(follower, followed, activity_id, local) do
with data <- make_follow_data(follower, followed, activity_id),
{:ok, activity} <- insert(data, local),
:ok <- maybe_federate(activity),
_ <- User.set_follow_state_cache(follower.ap_id, followed.ap_id,["state"]) do
:ok <- maybe_federate(activity) do
{:ok, activity}
{:error, error} -> Repo.rollback(error)
......@@ -440,22 +440,19 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.Utils do
|> update(set: [data: fragment("jsonb_set(data, '{state}', ?)", ^state)])
|> Repo.update_all([])
User.set_follow_state_cache(actor, object, state)
activity = Activity.get_by_id(
{:ok, activity}
def update_follow_state(
%Activity{data: %{"actor" => actor, "object" => object}} = activity,
%Activity{} = activity,
) do
new_data = Map.put(, "state", state)
changeset = Changeset.change(activity, data: new_data)
with {:ok, activity} <- Repo.update(changeset) do
User.set_follow_state_cache(actor, object, state)
{:ok, activity}
......@@ -36,25 +36,18 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.MastodonAPI.AccountView do
def render("relationship.json", %{user: %User{} = user, target: %User{} = target}) do
follow_state = User.get_cached_follow_state(user, target)
requested =
if follow_state && !User.following?(user, target) do
follow_state == "pending"
follow_state = User.get_follow_state(user, target)
id: to_string(,
following: User.following?(user, target),
following: follow_state == "accept",
followed_by: User.following?(target, user),
blocking: User.blocks_user?(user, target),
blocked_by: User.blocks_user?(target, user),
muting: User.mutes?(user, target),
muting_notifications: User.muted_notifications?(user, target),
subscribing: User.subscribed_to?(user, target),
requested: requested,
requested: follow_state == "pending",
domain_blocking: User.blocks_domain?(user, target),
showing_reblogs: User.showing_reblogs?(user, target),
endorsed: false
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