Commit 4bf44b7d authored by Roman Chvanikov's avatar Roman Chvanikov

Don't override user-agent header if it's been set

parent a1a43f39
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...@@ -34,10 +34,12 @@ def url(request, u), do: %{request | url: u} ...@@ -34,10 +34,12 @@ def url(request, u), do: %{request | url: u}
@spec headers(Request.t(), Request.headers()) :: Request.t() @spec headers(Request.t(), Request.headers()) :: Request.t()
def headers(request, headers) do def headers(request, headers) do
headers_list = headers_list =
if Pleroma.Config.get([:http, :send_user_agent]) do with true <- Pleroma.Config.get([:http, :send_user_agent]),
nil <- Enum.find(headers, fn {key, _val} -> String.downcase(key) == "user-agent" end) do
[{"user-agent", Pleroma.Application.user_agent()} | headers] [{"user-agent", Pleroma.Application.user_agent()} | headers]
else else
headers _ ->
end end
%{request | headers: headers_list} %{request | headers: headers_list}
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