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Test that only author can reblog a private status

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......@@ -745,14 +745,19 @@ test "repeating a status privately" do
test "author can repeat own private statuses" do
user = insert(:user)
author = insert(:user)
follower = insert(:user)
CommonAPI.follow(follower, author)
{:ok, activity} =, %{status: "cofe", visibility: "private"})
{:ok, activity} =, %{status: "cofe", visibility: "private"})
{:ok, %Activity{} = announce_activity} = CommonAPI.repeat(, user)
{:ok, %Activity{} = announce_activity} = CommonAPI.repeat(, author)
assert Visibility.is_private?(announce_activity)
refute Visibility.visible_for_user?(announce_activity, nil)
assert Visibility.visible_for_user?(activity, follower)
assert {:error, :not_found} = CommonAPI.repeat(, follower)
test "favoriting a status" do
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