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Modify for s3

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......@@ -16,6 +16,13 @@ Note: `strip_exif` has been replaced by `Pleroma.Upload.Filter.Mogrify`.
## Pleroma.Uploaders.Local
* `uploads`: Which directory to store the user-uploads in, relative to pleroma’s working directory
## Pleroma.Uploaders.S3
* `bucket`: S3 bucket name
* `public_endpoint`: S3 endpoint that the user finally accesses(ex. "")
* `truncated_namespace`: If you use S3 compatible service such as Digital Ocean Spaces or CDN, set folder name or "" etc.
For example, when using CDN to S3 virtual host format, set "".
At this time, write CNAME to CDN in public_endpoint.
## Pleroma.Upload.Filter.Mogrify
* `args`: List of actions for the `mogrify` command like `"strip"` or `["strip", "auto-orient", {"impode", "1"}]`.
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