Commit 704eef3c authored by feld's avatar feld
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Special handling for unconfirmed users based on instance config no longer needed.

parent e759579f
......@@ -289,15 +289,7 @@ def binary_id(%User{} = user), do: binary_id(
def account_status(%User{deactivated: true}), do: :deactivated
def account_status(%User{password_reset_pending: true}), do: :password_reset_pending
def account_status(%User{local: true, is_approved: false}), do: :approval_pending
def account_status(%User{local: true, is_confirmed: false}) do
if Config.get([:instance, :account_activation_required]) do
def account_status(%User{local: true, is_confirmed: false}), do: :confirmation_pending
def account_status(%User{}), do: :active
@spec visible_for(User.t(), User.t() | nil) ::
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