Verified Commit 72cbe20a authored by Alex Gleason's avatar Alex Gleason
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Purge most user fields upon deletion, "right to be forgotten" #859

parent c12c576e
......@@ -1585,15 +1585,44 @@ def update_notification_settings(%User{} = user, settings) do
@spec purge_user_changeset(User.t()) :: Changeset.t()
def purge_user_changeset(user) do
# "Right to be forgotten"
change(user, %{
deactivated: true,
bio: nil,
raw_bio: nil,
email: nil,
name: nil,
password_hash: nil,
keys: nil,
public_key: nil,
avatar: %{},
tags: [],
last_refreshed_at: nil,
last_digest_emailed_at: nil,
banner: %{},
background: %{},
note_count: 0,
follower_count: 0,
following_count: 0,
locked: false,
confirmation_pending: false,
password_reset_pending: false,
approval_pending: false,
registration_reason: nil,
confirmation_token: nil,
domain_blocks: [],
deactivated: true,
ap_enabled: false,
is_moderator: false,
is_admin: false,
mastofe_settings: nil,
mascot: nil,
emoji: %{},
pleroma_settings_store: %{},
fields: [],
bio: nil,
name: nil
raw_fields: [],
discoverable: false,
also_known_as: []
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