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Basic key fetching.

parent 4c216cba
defmodule Pleroma.Web.Salmon do
use Bitwise
def decode_and_validate(magickey, salmon) do
def decode(salmon) do
{doc, _rest} = :xmerl_scan.string(to_charlist(salmon))
{:xmlObj, :string, data} = :xmerl_xpath.string('string(//me:data[1])', doc)
......@@ -17,6 +17,31 @@ def decode_and_validate(magickey, salmon) do
encoding = to_string(encoding)
type = to_string(type)
[data, type, encoding, alg, sig]
def fetch_magic_key(salmon) do
[data, _, _, _, _] = decode(salmon)
{doc, _rest} = :xmerl_scan.string(to_charlist(data))
{:xmlObj, :string, uri} = :xmerl_xpath.string('string(//author[1]/uri)', doc)
uri = to_string(uri)
base = URI.parse(uri).host
# TODO: Find out if this endpoint is mandated by the standard.
{:ok, response} = HTTPoison.get(base <> "/.well-known/webfinger", ["Accept": "application/xrd+xml"], [params: [resource: uri]])
{doc, _rest} = :xmerl_scan.string(to_charlist(response.body))
{:xmlObj, :string, magickey} = :xmerl_xpath.string('string(//Link[@rel="magic-public-key"]/@href)', doc)
"data:application/magic-public-key," <> magickey = to_string(magickey)
def decode_and_validate(magickey, salmon) do
[data, type, encoding, alg, sig] = decode(salmon)
signed_text = [data, type, encoding, alg]
|> Enum.join(".")
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