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user: remove entirely redundant remote_or_auth_active?/1.

auth_active?/1 can check remote users and return true directly.
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......@@ -44,6 +44,8 @@ defmodule Pleroma.User do
def auth_active?(%User{local: false}), do: false
def auth_active?(%User{info: %User.Info{confirmation_pending: false}}), do: true
def auth_active?(%User{info: %User.Info{confirmation_pending: true}}),
......@@ -51,15 +53,12 @@ def auth_active?(%User{info: %User.Info{confirmation_pending: true}}),
def auth_active?(_), do: false
def remote_or_auth_active?(%User{local: false}), do: true
def remote_or_auth_active?(%User{local: true} = user), do: auth_active?(user)
def visible_for?(user, for_user \\ nil)
def visible_for?(%User{id: user_id}, %User{id: for_id}) when user_id == for_id, do: true
def visible_for?(%User{} = user, for_user) do
remote_or_auth_active?(user) || superuser?(for_user)
auth_active?(user) || superuser?(for_user)
def visible_for?(_, _), do: false
......@@ -768,16 +768,16 @@ test "finds a user whose name is nil" do
test "remote_or_auth_active?/1 works correctly" do
test "auth_active?/1 works correctly" do
Pleroma.Config.put([:instance, :account_activation_required], true)
local_user = insert(:user, local: true, info: %{confirmation_pending: true})
confirmed_user = insert(:user, local: true, info: %{confirmation_pending: false})
remote_user = insert(:user, local: false)
refute User.remote_or_auth_active?(local_user)
assert User.remote_or_auth_active?(confirmed_user)
assert User.remote_or_auth_active?(remote_user)
refute User.auth_active?(local_user)
assert User.auth_active?(confirmed_user)
assert User.auth_active?(remote_user)
Pleroma.Config.put([:instance, :account_activation_required], false)
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