Commit 75c4fefb authored by marcin mikołajczak's avatar marcin mikołajczak
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Add a test

Signed-off-by: marcin mikołajczak's avatarmarcin mikołajczak <>
parent 1dba3bc4
......@@ -2084,6 +2084,17 @@ test "it returns a list of AP ids for a given set of nicknames" do
assert user.ap_id in ap_ids
assert user_two.ap_id in ap_ids
test "it returns a list of AP ids in the same order" do
user = insert(:user)
user_two = insert(:user)
user_three = insert(:user)
ap_ids =
User.get_ap_ids_by_nicknames([user.nickname, user_three.nickname, user_two.nickname])
assert [user.ap_id, user_three.ap_id, user_two.ap_id] == ap_ids
describe "sync followers count" do
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