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Add password reset task.

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......@@ -59,3 +59,9 @@ Add the following to your `dev.secret.exs` or `prod.secret.exs` if you want to p
proxy_url: ""
This is useful for running pleroma inside Tor or i2p.
## Admin Tasks
### Password reset
Run `mix generate_password_reset username` to generate a password reset link that you can then send to the user.
defmodule Mix.Tasks.GeneratePasswordReset do
use Mix.Task
import Mix.Ecto
alias Pleroma.{Repo, User}
@shortdoc "Generate password reset link for user"
def run([nickname]) do"app.start")
with %User{local: true} = user <- User.get_by_nickname(nickname),
{:ok, token} <- Pleroma.PasswordResetToken.create_token(user) do
IO.puts "Generated password reset token for #{user.nickname}"
IO.puts "Url: #{Pleroma.Web.Router.Helpers.util_url(Pleroma.Web.Endpoint, :show_password_reset, token.token)}"
_ ->
IO.puts "No local user #{nickname}"
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