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Load an emoji.txt specific to the test env

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firefox, /emoji/Firefox.gif, Gif,Fun
blank, /emoji/blank.png, Fun
dinosaur, /emoji/dino walking.gif, Gif
......@@ -77,10 +77,19 @@ def load do
# it should run even if there are no emoji packs
shortcode_globs = Config.get([:emoji, :shortcode_globs], [])
# for testing emoji.txt entries we do not want exposed in normal operation
test_emoji =
if Mix.env() == :test do
load_from_file("test/config/emoji.txt", emoji_groups)
emojis_txt =
(load_from_file("config/emoji.txt", emoji_groups) ++
load_from_file("config/custom_emoji.txt", emoji_groups) ++
load_from_globs(shortcode_globs, emoji_groups))
load_from_globs(shortcode_globs, emoji_groups) ++
|> Enum.reject(fn value -> value == nil end) ++ emojis_txt, &prepare_emoji/1)
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