Commit 8bfacffa authored by rinpatch's avatar rinpatch
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Merge branch 'elixir-1.9' into 'develop'

Upgrade to Elixir 1.9

See merge request !2651
parents 4baf5ffe aca6a754
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image: elixir:1.8.1
image: elixir:1.9.4
variables: &global_variables
POSTGRES_DB: pleroma_test
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ def project do
app: :pleroma,
version: version("2.0.50"),
elixir: "~> 1.8",
elixir: "~> 1.9",
elixirc_paths: elixirc_paths(Mix.env()),
compilers: [:phoenix, :gettext] ++ Mix.compilers(),
elixirc_options: [warnings_as_errors: warnings_as_errors(Mix.env())],
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