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fix content-type and fallback to image/jpeg

parent 9093b2cf
......@@ -33,10 +33,11 @@ defp proxy_request(link) do
options = [:insecure, {:follow_redirect, true}]
with \
{:ok, 200, headers, client} <- :hackney.request(:get, link, headers, "", options),
{:ok, body} <- proxy_request_body(client)
headers = Enum.into(headers,,
{:ok, body} <- proxy_request_body(client),
content_type <- proxy_request_content_type(headers, body)
headers = Enum.into(headers,
{:ok, headers["Content-Type"], body}
{:ok, content_type, body}
{:ok, status, _, _} ->
Logger.warn "MediaProxy: request failed, status #{status}, link: #{link}"
......@@ -73,5 +74,10 @@ defp proxy_request_body(client, _) do
{:error, :body_too_large}
# TODO: the body is passed here as well because some hosts do not provide a content-type.
# At some point we may want to use magic numbers to discover the content-type and reply a proper one.
defp proxy_request_content_type(headers, _body) do
headers["Content-Type"] || headers["content-type"] || "image/jpeg"
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