Commit 8fd0556c authored by hakabahitoyo's avatar hakabahitoyo
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better config reading

parent 55abd848
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
public_endpoint: "",
force_media_proxy: false
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Uploaders.Mdii,
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Uploaders.MDII,
cgi: "",
files: ""
defmodule Pleroma.Uploaders.Mdii do
defmodule Pleroma.Uploaders.MDII do
alias Pleroma.Config
@behaviour Pleroma.Uploaders.Uploader
@httpoison Application.get_env(:pleroma, :httpoison)
def put_file(name, uuid, path, content_type, _should_dedupe) do
settings = Application.get_env(:pleroma, Pleroma.Uploaders.Mdii)
cgi = Keyword.fetch!(settings, :cgi)
files = Keyword.fetch!(settings, :files)
cgi = Pleroma.Config.get([Pleroma.Uploaders.MDII, :cgi])
files = Pleroma.Config.get([Pleroma.Uploaders.MDII, :files])
{:ok, file_data} =
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