Verified Commit 9081a071 authored by minibikini's avatar minibikini

Add a test for accounts/update_credentials

parent 8eebc75c
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......@@ -118,6 +118,18 @@ test "updates the user's hide_followers status", %{conn: conn} do
assert user_data["pleroma"]["hide_followers"] == true
test "updates the user's discoverable status", %{conn: conn} do
assert %{"source" => %{"pleroma" => %{"discoverable" => true}}} =
|> patch("/api/v1/accounts/update_credentials", %{discoverable: "true"})
|> json_response(:ok)
assert %{"source" => %{"pleroma" => %{"discoverable" => false}}} =
|> patch("/api/v1/accounts/update_credentials", %{discoverable: "false"})
|> json_response(:ok)
test "updates the user's hide_followers_count and hide_follows_count", %{conn: conn} do
conn =
patch(conn, "/api/v1/accounts/update_credentials", %{
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