Commit 918ee464 authored by feld's avatar feld

Synchronize :fe settings in config.exs

parent 48bcb221
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......@@ -271,20 +271,32 @@
config :pleroma, :frontend_configurations,
pleroma_fe: %{
theme: "pleroma-dark",
logo: "/static/logo.png",
background: "/images/city.jpg",
redirectRootNoLogin: "/main/all",
redirectRootLogin: "/main/friends",
showInstanceSpecificPanel: true,
scopeOptionsEnabled: false,
formattingOptionsEnabled: false,
alwaysShowSubjectInput: true,
background: "/static/aurora_borealis.jpg",
collapseMessageWithSubject: false,
disableChat: false,
greentext: false,
hideFilteredStatuses: false,
hideMutedPosts: false,
hidePostStats: false,
hideSitename: false,
hideUserStats: false,
loginMethod: "password",
logo: "/static/logo.png",
logoMargin: ".1em",
logoMask: true,
minimalScopesMode: false,
noAttachmentLinks: false,
nsfwCensorImage: "",
postContentType: "text/plain",
redirectRootLogin: "/main/friends",
redirectRootNoLogin: "/main/all",
scopeCopy: true,
showFeaturesPanel: true,
showInstanceSpecificPanel: false,
subjectLineBehavior: "email",
alwaysShowSubjectInput: true
theme: "pleroma-dark",
webPushNotifications: false
masto_fe: %{
showInstanceSpecificPanel: true
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