Commit 932e0e87 authored by lain's avatar lain
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More debugging code.

parent 2154f729
......@@ -81,13 +81,16 @@ def make_favorite(entry, doc, favorited_activity) do
def get_or_try_fetching(entry) do
Logger.debug("Trying to fetch entry")
with id when not is_nil(id) <- string_from_xpath("//activity:object[1]/id", entry),
%Activity{} = activity <- Activity.get_create_activity_by_object_ap_id(id) do
{:ok, activity}
else _e ->
Logger.debug("Couldn't get, will try to fetch")
with href when not is_nil(href) <- string_from_xpath("//activity:object[1]/link[@type=\"text/html\"]/@href", entry),
{:ok, [favorited_activity]} <- fetch_activity_from_html_url(href) do
{:ok, favorited_activity}
else e -> Logger.debug("Couldn't find href: #{inspect(e)}")
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