Commit 981e015f authored by rinpatch's avatar rinpatch

Mastodon API Account view: Remove an outdated hack

The hack with caching the follow relationship was introduced
when we still were storing it inside the follow activity, resulting in
slow queries. Now we store follow state in `FollowRelationship` table,
so this is no longer necessary.
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......@@ -292,24 +292,6 @@ defmodule Pleroma.User do
def ap_following(%User{following_address: fa}) when is_binary(fa), do: fa
def ap_following(%User{} = user), do: "#{ap_id(user)}/following"
def follow_state(%User{} = user, %User{} = target) do
case Utils.fetch_latest_follow(user, target) do
%{data: %{"state" => state}} -> state
# Ideally this would be nil, but then Cachex does not commit the value
_ -> false
def get_cached_follow_state(user, target) do
key = "follow_state:#{user.ap_id}|#{target.ap_id}"
Cachex.fetch!(:user_cache, key, fn _ -> {:commit, follow_state(user, target)} end)
@spec set_follow_state_cache(String.t(), String.t(), String.t()) :: {:ok | :error, boolean()}
def set_follow_state_cache(user_ap_id, target_ap_id, state) do
Cachex.put(:user_cache, "follow_state:#{user_ap_id}|#{target_ap_id}", state)
@spec restrict_deactivated(Ecto.Query.t()) :: Ecto.Query.t()
def restrict_deactivated(query) do
from(u in query, where: u.deactivated != ^true)
......@@ -503,8 +503,7 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.ActivityPub do
defp do_follow(follower, followed, activity_id, local) do
with data <- make_follow_data(follower, followed, activity_id),
{:ok, activity} <- insert(data, local),
:ok <- maybe_federate(activity),
_ <- User.set_follow_state_cache(follower.ap_id, followed.ap_id,["state"]) do
:ok <- maybe_federate(activity) do
{:ok, activity}
{:error, error} -> Repo.rollback(error)
......@@ -440,22 +440,19 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.Utils do
|> update(set: [data: fragment("jsonb_set(data, '{state}', ?)", ^state)])
|> Repo.update_all([])
User.set_follow_state_cache(actor, object, state)
activity = Activity.get_by_id(
{:ok, activity}
def update_follow_state(
%Activity{data: %{"actor" => actor, "object" => object}} = activity,
%Activity{} = activity,
) do
new_data = Map.put(, "state", state)
changeset = Changeset.change(activity, data: new_data)
with {:ok, activity} <- Repo.update(changeset) do
User.set_follow_state_cache(actor, object, state)
{:ok, activity}
......@@ -36,25 +36,18 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.MastodonAPI.AccountView do
def render("relationship.json", %{user: %User{} = user, target: %User{} = target}) do
follow_state = User.get_cached_follow_state(user, target)
requested =
if follow_state && !User.following?(user, target) do
follow_state == "pending"
follow_state = User.get_follow_state(user, target)
id: to_string(,
following: User.following?(user, target),
following: follow_state == "accept",
followed_by: User.following?(target, user),
blocking: User.blocks_user?(user, target),
blocked_by: User.blocks_user?(target, user),
muting: User.mutes?(user, target),
muting_notifications: User.muted_notifications?(user, target),
subscribing: User.subscribed_to?(user, target),
requested: requested,
requested: follow_state == "pending",
domain_blocking: User.blocks_domain?(user, target),
showing_reblogs: User.showing_reblogs?(user, target),
endorsed: false
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