Commit 99623b4e authored by rinpatch's avatar rinpatch

Merge branch 'fix/load_config' into 'develop'

fixed loads a config variable with large value from db

See merge request pleroma/pleroma!2051
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......@@ -52,7 +52,9 @@ def run(["migrate_from_db", env, delete?]) do
|> Enum.each(fn config ->
"config :#{}, #{config.key}, #{inspect(Config.from_binary(config.value))}\r\n\r\n"
"config :#{}, #{config.key}, #{
inspect(Config.from_binary(config.value), limit: :infinity)
if delete? do
......@@ -63,4 +63,84 @@ test "settings are migrated to file and deleted from db", %{temp_file: temp_file
assert file =~ "config :pleroma, :setting_first,"
assert file =~ "config :pleroma, :setting_second,"
test "load a settings with large values and pass to file", %{temp_file: temp_file} do
group: "pleroma",
key: ":instance",
value: [
name: "Pleroma",
email: "",
notify_email: "",
description: "A Pleroma instance, an alternative fediverse server",
limit: 5_000,
chat_limit: 5_000,
remote_limit: 100_000,
upload_limit: 16_000_000,
avatar_upload_limit: 2_000_000,
background_upload_limit: 4_000_000,
banner_upload_limit: 4_000_000,
poll_limits: %{
max_options: 20,
max_option_chars: 200,
min_expiration: 0,
max_expiration: 365 * 24 * 60 * 60
registrations_open: true,
federating: true,
federation_incoming_replies_max_depth: 100,
federation_reachability_timeout_days: 7,
federation_publisher_modules: [Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.Publisher],
allow_relay: true,
rewrite_policy: Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.MRF.NoOpPolicy,
public: true,
quarantined_instances: [],
managed_config: true,
static_dir: "instance/static/",
allowed_post_formats: ["text/plain", "text/html", "text/markdown", "text/bbcode"],
mrf_transparency: true,
mrf_transparency_exclusions: [],
autofollowed_nicknames: [],
max_pinned_statuses: 1,
no_attachment_links: true,
welcome_user_nickname: nil,
welcome_message: nil,
max_report_comment_size: 1000,
safe_dm_mentions: false,
healthcheck: false,
remote_post_retention_days: 90,
skip_thread_containment: true,
limit_to_local_content: :unauthenticated,
dynamic_configuration: false,
user_bio_length: 5000,
user_name_length: 100,
max_account_fields: 10,
max_remote_account_fields: 20,
account_field_name_length: 512,
account_field_value_length: 2048,
external_user_synchronization: true,
extended_nickname_format: true,
multi_factor_authentication: [
totp: [
# digits 6 or 8
digits: 6,
period: 30
backup_codes: [
number: 2,
length: 6
})["migrate_from_db", "temp", "true"])
assert Repo.all(Config) == []
assert File.exists?(temp_file)
{:ok, file} =
assert file ==
"use Mix.Config\n\nconfig :pleroma, :instance,\n name: \"Pleroma\",\n email: \"\",\n notify_email: \"\",\n description: \"A Pleroma instance, an alternative fediverse server\",\n limit: 5000,\n chat_limit: 5000,\n remote_limit: 100_000,\n upload_limit: 16_000_000,\n avatar_upload_limit: 2_000_000,\n background_upload_limit: 4_000_000,\n banner_upload_limit: 4_000_000,\n poll_limits: %{\n max_expiration: 31_536_000,\n max_option_chars: 200,\n max_options: 20,\n min_expiration: 0\n },\n registrations_open: true,\n federating: true,\n federation_incoming_replies_max_depth: 100,\n federation_reachability_timeout_days: 7,\n federation_publisher_modules: [Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.Publisher],\n allow_relay: true,\n rewrite_policy: Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.MRF.NoOpPolicy,\n public: true,\n quarantined_instances: [],\n managed_config: true,\n static_dir: \"instance/static/\",\n allowed_post_formats: [\"text/plain\", \"text/html\", \"text/markdown\", \"text/bbcode\"],\n mrf_transparency: true,\n mrf_transparency_exclusions: [],\n autofollowed_nicknames: [],\n max_pinned_statuses: 1,\n no_attachment_links: true,\n welcome_user_nickname: nil,\n welcome_message: nil,\n max_report_comment_size: 1000,\n safe_dm_mentions: false,\n healthcheck: false,\n remote_post_retention_days: 90,\n skip_thread_containment: true,\n limit_to_local_content: :unauthenticated,\n dynamic_configuration: false,\n user_bio_length: 5000,\n user_name_length: 100,\n max_account_fields: 10,\n max_remote_account_fields: 20,\n account_field_name_length: 512,\n account_field_value_length: 2048,\n external_user_synchronization: true,\n extended_nickname_format: true,\n multi_factor_authentication: [\n totp: [digits: 6, period: 30],\n backup_codes: [number: 2, length: 6]\n ]\n"
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