Commit 9af56008 authored by Roger Braun's avatar Roger Braun
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Use more efficient user note count update query.

parent 29c261e7
......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ def get_friends(%User{id: id, following: following}) do
def update_note_count(%User{} = user) do
note_count_query = from a in Object,
where: fragment("? @> ?",, ^%{actor: user.ap_id, type: "Note"}),
where: fragment("?->>'actor' = ? and ?->>'type' = 'Note'",, ^user.ap_id,,
select: count(
note_count =
defmodule Pleroma.Repo.Migrations.AddObjectActorIndex do
use Ecto.Migration
@disable_ddl_transaction true
def change do
create index(:objects, ["(data->>'actor')", "(data->>'type')"], concurrently: true, name: :objects_actor_type)
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