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did it really take me 4 commits to fix this?

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......@@ -61,10 +61,7 @@ Request parameters can be passed via [query strings](
"cover_photo": "",
"created_at": "Tue Dec 18 16:55:56 +0000 2018",
"default_scope": "public",
"description": "blushy-crushy fediverse idol + pleroma dev
let's be friends
"description": "blushy-crushy fediverse idol + pleroma dev\nlet's be friends \nぷれろまの生徒会長。謎の外人。日本語OK. \n公主病.",
"description_html": "blushy-crushy fediverse idol + pleroma dev.<br />let's be friends <br />ぷれろまの生徒会長。謎の外人。日本語OK. <br />公主病.",
"favourites_count": 0,
"fields": [],
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