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ChatMessage schema: Add preview cards.

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......@@ -19,13 +19,46 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.ApiSpec.Schemas.ChatMessage do
content: %Schema{type: :string, nullable: true},
created_at: %Schema{type: :string, format: :"date-time"},
emojis: %Schema{type: :array},
attachment: %Schema{type: :object, nullable: true}
attachment: %Schema{type: :object, nullable: true},
card: %Schema{
type: :object,
nullable: true,
description: "Preview card for links included within status content",
required: [:url, :title, :description, :type],
properties: %{
type: %Schema{
type: :string,
enum: ["link", "photo", "video", "rich"],
description: "The type of the preview card"
provider_name: %Schema{
type: :string,
nullable: true,
description: "The provider of the original resource"
provider_url: %Schema{
type: :string,
format: :uri,
description: "A link to the provider of the original resource"
url: %Schema{type: :string, format: :uri, description: "Location of linked resource"},
image: %Schema{
type: :string,
nullable: true,
format: :uri,
description: "Preview thumbnail"
title: %Schema{type: :string, description: "Title of linked resource"},
description: %Schema{type: :string, description: "Description of preview"}
example: %{
"account_id" => "someflakeid",
"chat_id" => "1",
"content" => "hey you again",
"created_at" => "2020-04-21T15:06:45.000Z",
"card" => nil,
"emojis" => [
"static_url" => "",
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