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Merge branch 'hotfix/activity-without-content' into 'develop'

Twitter ActivityView: fix crash with activity without content

See merge request !572
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...@@ -245,9 +245,11 @@ def render( ...@@ -245,9 +245,11 @@ def render(
|> Formatter.emojify(object["emoji"]) |> Formatter.emojify(object["emoji"])
text = text =
if content do
content content
|> String.replace(~r/<br\s?\/?>/, "\n") |> String.replace(~r/<br\s?\/?>/, "\n")
|> HTML.strip_tags() |> HTML.strip_tags()
reply_parent = Activity.get_in_reply_to_activity(activity) reply_parent = Activity.get_in_reply_to_activity(activity)
  • Guys I'm not sure if this worked. My blank lines post broke more than smug(smug is outdated) and I think new versions of bleroma were among those affected. Would need confirmation though.

    Fuck whoever lied to me about it only affecting outdated smug now. ;_;

  • Blank lines posts have nothing to do with this one, but is probably related to #481 (closed)

    Also please comment on MRs or Issues instead of commits.

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