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Credo is upset about me not remembering the alphabet

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......@@ -16,9 +16,9 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.TwitterAPI.ControllerTest do
alias Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.ActivityPub
alias Pleroma.Web.CommonAPI
alias Pleroma.Web.OAuth.Token
alias Pleroma.Web.TwitterAPI.ActivityView
alias Pleroma.Web.TwitterAPI.Controller
alias Pleroma.Web.TwitterAPI.NotificationView
alias Pleroma.Web.TwitterAPI.ActivityView
alias Pleroma.Web.TwitterAPI.TwitterAPI
alias Pleroma.Web.TwitterAPI.UserView
  • Maybe just have your editor to do it for you? :D

  • @lanodan credo can fix stuff?

  • Well, we still not fully have credo but yeah it probably fixed few things we didn’t notice actually. And it helps having code to be consistent and readable, and like having the aliases to be sorted allows to easily dedup+group them (ie. start,end|sort -u in vis, probably similar in vim).

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