Commit bae96de2 authored by Ariadne Conill's avatar Ariadne Conill

activitypub: tag containment checks for better error tracing

parent 7295a05c
......@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ def insert(map, local \\ true, fake \\ false, bypass_actor_check \\ false) when
{:ok, map} <- MRF.filter(map),
{recipients, _, _} = get_recipients(map),
{:fake, false, map, recipients} <- {:fake, fake, map, recipients},
:ok <- Containment.contain_child(map),
{:containment, :ok} <- {:containment, Containment.contain_child(map)},
{:ok, map, object} <- insert_full_object(map) do
{:ok, activity} =
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