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mark streaming feature for ios apps in readme

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......@@ -11,15 +11,16 @@ For clients it supports both the [GNU Social API with Qvitter extensions](https:
Client applications that are committed to supporting Pleroma:
* Mastalab (Android, Streaming Ready)
* nekonium (Android, Streaming Ready)
* Tusky (Android, No Streaming)
* Twidere (Android, No Streaming)
* Mast (iOS)
* Amaroq (iOS)
* Mast (iOS, Paid)
* Amaroq (iOS, No Streaming)
Client applications that are known to work well:
* Tootdon (Android + iOS)
* Tootle (iOS)
* Tootdon (Android + iOS, No Streaming)
* Tootle (iOS, No Streaming)
* Whalebird (Windows + Mac + Linux)
No release has been made yet, but several servers have been online for months already. If you want to run your own server, feel free to contact us at or in our dev chat at #pleroma on freenode or via matrix at <>.
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