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Merge branch 'cycles-instances' into 'develop'

Recompilation speedup: Switch to runtime deps in Pleroma.Instances

See merge request !3459
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......@@ -5,13 +5,18 @@
defmodule Pleroma.Instances do
@moduledoc "Instances context."
@adapter Pleroma.Instances.Instance
alias Pleroma.Instances.Instance
defdelegate filter_reachable(urls_or_hosts), to: @adapter
defdelegate reachable?(url_or_host), to: @adapter
defdelegate set_reachable(url_or_host), to: @adapter
defdelegate set_unreachable(url_or_host, unreachable_since \\ nil), to: @adapter
defdelegate get_consistently_unreachable(), to: @adapter
def filter_reachable(urls_or_hosts), do: Instance.filter_reachable(urls_or_hosts)
def reachable?(url_or_host), do: Instance.reachable?(url_or_host)
def set_reachable(url_or_host), do: Instance.set_reachable(url_or_host)
def set_unreachable(url_or_host, unreachable_since \\ nil),
do: Instance.set_unreachable(url_or_host, unreachable_since)
def get_consistently_unreachable, do: Instance.get_consistently_unreachable()
def set_consistently_unreachable(url_or_host),
do: set_unreachable(url_or_host, reachability_datetime_threshold())
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