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Add documentation for PWA manifest configuration.

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......@@ -247,6 +247,35 @@ relates to mascots on the mastodon frontend
* `default_mascot`: An element from `mascots` - This will be used as the default mascot
on MastoFE (default: `:pleroma_fox_tan`)
## :manifest
This section describe PWA manifest instance-specific values. Currently this option relate only for MastoFE.
* `icons`: Describe the icons of the app, this a list of maps describing icons in the same way as the
[spec]( describes it.
config :pleroma, :manifest,
icons: [
src: "/static/logo.png"
src: "/static/icon.png",
type: "image/png"
src: "/static/icon.ico",
sizes: "72x72 96x96 128x128 256x256"
* `theme_color`: Describe the theme color of the app. (Example: `"#282c37"`, `"rebeccapurple"`)
* `background_color`: Describe the background color of the app. (Example: `"#191b22"`, `"aliceblue"`)
## :mrf_simple
* `media_removal`: List of instances to remove medias from
* `media_nsfw`: List of instances to put medias as NSFW(sensitive) from
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