Commit df5e048c authored by feld's avatar feld

Do not need a function to provide fallback value with default defined in config.exs

parent bf8310f3
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......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ def render("show.json", _) do
streaming_api: Pleroma.Web.Endpoint.websocket_url()
stats: Pleroma.Stats.get_stats(),
thumbnail: instance_thumbnail(),
thumbnail: Keyword.get(instance, :instance_thumbnail),
languages: ["en"],
registrations: Keyword.get(instance, :registrations_open),
# Extra (not present in Mastodon):
......@@ -88,9 +88,4 @@ def federation do
|> Map.put(:enabled, Config.get([:instance, :federating]))
defp instance_thumbnail do
Pleroma.Config.get([:instance, :instance_thumbnail]) ||
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