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Transmogrifier: Only add context if it really is onne.

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......@@ -1255,14 +1255,11 @@ defp maybe_add_context_from_object(%{"context" => context} = data) when is_binar
do: {:ok, data}
defp maybe_add_context_from_object(%{"object" => object} = data) when is_binary(object) do
if object = Object.normalize(object) do
data =
|> Map.put("context",["context"])
{:ok, data}
with %{data: %{"context" => context}} when is_binary(context) <- Object.normalize(object) do
{:ok, Map.put(data, "context", context)}
{:error, "No context on referenced object"}
_ ->
{:error, :no_context}
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