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### Configuration
* Run `mix deps.get` to install elixir dependencies.
* Run `mix generate_config`. This will ask you a few questions about your instance and generate a configuration file in `config/generated_config.exs`. Check that and copy it to either `config/dev.secret.exs` or `config/prod.secret.exs`. You can check if your instance is configured correctly by running it with `mix phx.serve` and checking the instance info endpoint at `/api/v1/instance`. If it shows your uri, name and email correctly, you are configured correctly. If it shows something like `localhost:4000`, your configuration is probably wrong, unless you are running a local development setup.
* The common and convenient way for adding HTTPS is by using Nginx as a reverse proxy. You can look at example Nginx configuration in `installation/pleroma.nginx`. If you need TLS/SSL certificates for HTTPS, you can look get some for free with letsencrypt:
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