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tests: fix up for changed bbcode library output and verify html is properly escaped

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......@@ -128,7 +128,16 @@ test "works for bare text/bbcode" do
assert output == expected
text = "[b]hello world![/b]\n\nsecond paragraph!"
expected = "<strong>hello world!</strong><br><br>second paragraph!"
expected = "<strong>hello world!</strong><br>\n<br>\nsecond paragraph!"
{output, [], []} = Utils.format_input(text, "text/bbcode")
assert output == expected
text = "[b]hello world![/b]\n\n<strong>second paragraph!</strong>"
expected =
"<strong>hello world!</strong><br>\n<br>\n&lt;strong&gt;second paragraph!&lt;/strong&gt;"
{output, [], []} = Utils.format_input(text, "text/bbcode")
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