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Remove a limit on attachments in Mastodon API and document the changes in responses from vanilla Mastodon

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# Differences in Mastodon API responses from vanilla Mastodon
A Pleroma instance can be identified by "<Mastodon version> (compatible; Pleroma <version>)" present in `version` field in response from `/api/v1/instance`
## Flake IDs
Pleroma uses 128-bit ids as opposed to Mastodon's 64 bits. However just like Mastodon's ids they are sortable strings
## Attachment cap
Some apps operate under the assumption that no more than 4 attachments can be returned or uploaded. Pleroma however does not enforce any limits on attachment count neither when returning the status object nor when posting.
......@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ def render("status.json", %{activity: %{data: %{"object" => object}} = activity}
sensitive: sensitive,
spoiler_text: object["summary"] || "",
visibility: get_visibility(object),
media_attachments: attachments |> Enum.take(4),
media_attachments: attachments,
mentions: mentions,
tags: build_tags(tags),
application: %{
......@@ -21,7 +21,13 @@ def project do
homepage_url: "",
docs: [
logo: "priv/static/static/logo.png",
extras: ["", "docs/", "docs/", "docs/"],
extras: [
main: "readme",
output: "priv/static/doc"
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