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Don't make MediaProxy be a compile-dep of Router

Speeds up recompilation by removing MediaProxy as a compile-time dep of Router
parent b221d77a
......@@ -764,11 +764,11 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.Router do
get("/embed/:id", EmbedController, :show)
scope "/proxy/", Pleroma.Web.MediaProxy do
get("/preview/:sig/:url", MediaProxyController, :preview)
get("/preview/:sig/:url/:filename", MediaProxyController, :preview)
get("/:sig/:url", MediaProxyController, :remote)
get("/:sig/:url/:filename", MediaProxyController, :remote)
scope "/proxy/", Pleroma.Web do
get("/preview/:sig/:url", MediaProxy.MediaProxyController, :preview)
get("/preview/:sig/:url/:filename", MediaProxy.MediaProxyController, :preview)
get("/:sig/:url", MediaProxy.MediaProxyController, :remote)
get("/:sig/:url/:filename", MediaProxy.MediaProxyController, :remote)
if Pleroma.Config.get(:env) == :dev do
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