1. 17 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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      Remove FedSockets · 2c55f7d7
      rinpatch authored
      Current FedSocket implementation has a bunch of problems. It doesn't
      have proper error handling (in case of an error the server just doesn't
      respond until the connection is closed, while the client doesn't match
      any error messages and just assumes there has been an error after 15s)
      and the code is full of bad descisions (see: fetch registry which uses
      uuids for no reason and waits for a response by recursively querying a
       ets table until the value changes, or double JSON encoding).
      Sometime ago I almost completed rewriting fedsockets from scrach to
      adress these issues. However, while doing so, I realized that fedsockets
       are just too overkill for what they were trying to accomplish, which is
       reduce the overhead of federation by not signing every message.
      This could be done without reimplementing failure states and endpoint
       logic we already have with HTTP by, for example, using TLS cert auth,
      or switching to a more performant signature algorithm. I opened
      #2262 for further
      discussion on alternatives to fedsockets.
      From discussions I had with other Pleroma developers it seems like they
       would approve the descision to remove them as well,
      therefore I am submitting this patch.
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      http signatures: derive actor ID from key ID. · f84fb340
      kaniini authored
      Almost all AP servers return their key ID as the actor URI with #main-key
      added.  Hubzilla, which doesn't, uses a URL which refers to the actor
      anyway, so worst case, Hubzilla users get refetched.
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