1. 03 Jul, 2022 3 commits
  2. 01 Jul, 2022 11 commits
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      Descriptions from exif data with only whitespeces are considered empty · 56227ef7
      Ilja authored
      I noticed that pictures taken with Ubuntu-Touch have whitespace in one of the fields
      This should just be ignored imo
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      update moduledoc · 8c761942
      Ilja authored
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      Change test pictures · 4a9ed319
      Ilja authored
      The previous pictures were labeled as public domain, but are actually a collage of pictures under other licenses.
      I now replaced them with a jpeg of simply a white pixel.
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      Add option to docs about instance gen · 7d234d09
      Ilja authored
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      Better way of getting keys · 81afaee3
      Ilja authored
      I used keyword_list[:key], but if the key doesn't exist, it will return nil. I actually expect a list and further down the code I use that list.
      I believe the key should always be present, but in case it's not, it's better to return an empty list instead of nil. That way the code wont fail further down the line.
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      Migration for exiftool filter · cc5686bb
      Ilja authored
      Rename to Exiftool.StripLocation
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      Add deprecation warnings · d0d48a9e
      Ilja authored
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      Rename the Exiftool module · 8303af84
      Ilja authored
      No migrations or checks yet
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      Rename the new module · 551721e4
      Ilja authored
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      Use EXIF data of image to prefill image description · cd316d72
      Ilja authored
      During attachment upload Pleroma returns a "description" field. Pleroma-fe has an MR to use that to pre-fill the image description field, <pleroma-fe!1399>
      * This MR allows Pleroma to read the EXIF data during upload and return the description to the FE
          * If a description is already present (e.g. because a previous module added it), it will use that
          * Otherwise it will read from the EXIF data. First it will check -ImageDescription, if that's empty, it will check -iptc:Caption-Abstract
          * If no description is found, it will simply return nil, just like before
      * When people set up a new instance, they will be asked if they want to read metadata and this module will be activated if so
      This was taken from an MR i did on Pleroma and isn't finished yet.
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      StealEmojiPolicy: fix String rejected_shortcodes · a74ce2d7
      Hélène authored
      * rejected_shortcodes is defined as a list of strings in the
        configuration description. As such, database-based configuration was
        led to handle those settings as strings, and not as the actually
        expected type, Regex.
      * This caused each message passing through this MRF, if a rejected
        shortcode was set and the emoji did not exist already on the instance,
        to fail federating, as an exception was raised, swiftly caught and
        mostly silenced.
      * This commit fixes the issue by introducing new behavior: strings are
        now handled as perfect matches for an emoji shortcode (meaning that if
        the emoji-to-be-pulled's shortcode is in the blacklist, it will be
        rejected), while still supporting Regex types as before.
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