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Implement Mastodon's Direct API

csaurus requested to merge csaurus/pleroma:feature/mstdn-direct-api into develop

I've started working on this, addressing issue #148 (closed). Some questions I had (IRC was quiet):

  1. I spent some time reading docs and code and have a question though: Is there anything special to be done to implement the streaming vs. the REST-style API, right? It looks like Pleroma.Web.API.MastodonSocket takes care of it?
  2. The other question I have is what is the best way to test the streaming part, I can't see in firefox that the WS panel in network activity shows anything

My approach was to select messages from the database where the cc field on both the activity and the object are [].

Tomorrow I'll look at activity.ex to see if there's anything I can use in there aside from writing fragments. Pointers/constructive criticism welcome!

  • Implement api/v1/timelines/direct
  • Implement streaming endpoint
  • Write tests
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