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Draft: Hide Pleroma:report notifications for non-superusers

Ilja requested to merge ilja/pleroma:no_report_notifs_for_non_mod_admins into develop

In pleroma-fe!1322 (merged) we noticed that people who used to be mod/admin can still see the report notifications from the time they where mod/admin.

I added logic in mastodon_api to filter the report-notifs out and it works.

Another approach would be to delete the report notifs from a user when they are demoted. I' may'll try that route as well before taking out of draft. The disadvantage is that a user who becomes mod/admin again wont see the previous reports, but that's probably rarely to never needed while maybe making for nicer code (that will only need to run once instead of on each notification fetch for every user ever).

I'm mostly making the MR already to show someone (me) is working on it.

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