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Patch to support image descriptions for pleroma-fe

An Darna requested to merge andarna/pleroma:patch-image-description into develop

Support for image descriptions in Pleroma Front-End

This patch adds support for image descriptions to Pleroma-FE. The basic functionality is there (adding descriptions) but there is currently no limit on the size of the description.

I have tested this by attaching 1, 2 and 3 image in the Pleroma FE and checking that the alt text shows up on the images in the timeline, as well as in the Mastodon web interface for Pleroma and for Mastodon. I also verified that alt text on existing images shows correctly.

Changes made to the Pleroma Front-End code are in a separate MR for pleroma-fe

pleroma-fe!450 (closed)

Changes made to the Pleroma Back-End code:

Most of the code was already in place, all I did was change the function attachments_from_ids() in lib/pleroma/web/common_api/utils.ex to take the image descriptions as argument and add them to the name field of the attachments.

def attachments_from_ids(ids, descs_str) do
  {_,descs}=Jason.decode(descs_str) || [], fn media_id ->
      Map.put(Repo.get(Object, media_id).data,"name",descs[media_id])

The call to this function in post() in CommonAPI (web/common_api/common_api.ex) was changed to take data["descriptions"] as a second argument.

def post(user, %{"status" => status} = data) do
    visibility = get_visibility(data)
    limit = Pleroma.Config.get([:instance, :limit])
    with status <- String.trim(status),
         attachments <- attachments_from_ids(data["media_ids"],data["descriptions"]),

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