Add admin and moderator badges to user view and make their visibility configurable

Revives: !134 (closed)

Corresponding FE MR pleroma-fe!519 (merged) (currently on hold until the UI decision is made) and screencast:

BE provides two JSON fields: role (which can be admin, moderator, or default member) and show_role. A few notes

  • If the user chooses not to display role, BE doesn't include role in the JSON response when giving this user's data to other users.

  • show_role is visible only to current user and is used for toggling the parameter in the user settings UI

Internally, BE uses is_admin and is_moderator to provide the role value. I decided to go with this approach and conceal those flags from FE in order to be consistent with rights implementation which also hides is_admin and is_moderator:

      "rights" => %{
        "delete_others_notice" => !!,
        "admin" => !!

But please let me know what you think, I'm open to suggestions.

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