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  • I am going to implement this feature on Fedi mobile app too. And I have several questions:

    • how post should be shared? just a simple message with content that contains the only URL of the shared post? Perhaps we should add additional POST argument, something like "shared_link" to indicate a shared post link? In this case, user will see only card content in Pleroma FE and Fedi UI without an actual link in message body.
    • Perhaps we need API to send one message to several recipients?
    • Also, what about API to fetch the accounts list to share? Currently, you propose to fetch accounts from the latest chats. As for me we should propose most used chats during some period (1 month?). I understand that logic is not easy to implement. So I propose move fetching account list to share on server-side and implement simple last chats account fetching on server-side no and easily improve this logic in the future without any changes on Pleroma FE and Fedi.
    • "card" field in chat message looks good. I will add support for it soon. Also, Pleroma Chat docs and OpenAPI docs endpoint don't have information about card field yet.
  • lain @lambadalambda ·
    Author Owner
    1. It should be shared by simply having the link to the post in the message, with the optional 'message' below it. The card will be added by the backend. shared_link is an interesting idea, but out of scope for now.
    2. API changes for sending are for now also out of scope
    3. Here also, just use the recent chats for now. Let's see if we actually need API changes later.
    4. is not running the most recent develop, i'll update. I'll add it to the normal docs as well!
  • @lambadalambda What about media sharing? In Fedi we have a separate screen to display single media and it contains share actions too. What behavior looks better for you:

    • share the whole post instead of only single media share with same behavior as you described in the first post
    • share image as URL (currently backend don't create Card and don't auto-attach media from direct links)
    • share image via image id. I tried to attach media id from the original post to new shared post, but it just don't work. A possible solution is to download media and re-upload it to get valid media id to attach, but it is not best solution as for me.
  • Contributor
    1. Why is this a snippet instead of an issue?
    2. Maybe I am over-engineering this a bit, but since ChatMessages are our invention, why can't we just model a message with an attached post in AP, to avoid possibilities of link previews not showing everything or not being loaded for one reason or another (like if the shared post is follower-only)? For example by just supplying object id in the attachment array of the ChatMessage
  • lain @lambadalambda ·
    Author Owner

    Because this is an issue description for fedi and not for pleroma

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